Graupner MX-16 2,4 HoTT 8 Ch.

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Graupner MX-16 2,4 HoTT 8 Ch.

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Remote control technology Graupner HoTT 2.4 GHz last generation
Two-way communication between transmitter and receiver
Possibility of teget the light 5 languages different (German, English, french, Italian and Spanish subsequently). Availability of languages, see under Download.
For digital servos, ability to select cycle times 10ms servo.
Fast ultra reaction times thanks to a direct transmission of the data from the main processor to the Transceiver 2.4 GHz with a reliable transmission. No additional offsets still through a processor.
Fold short antenna
Operation and programming based on the concept of the mc-19 to mc - 24, whose reputation is to make
Blue screen graphics, rich in contrast, lit ensures a perfect control of all the settings, such as the model type, the memory of the stopwatch and operating voltage models.
8 control channels
Free assignment of all switches
20-model memory
7 switch/button, including 2 switch with 3 positions, 3 switch. 2-position, 2 keys, 3 analog buttons mounted
Control mode1 to 4 to the choice
Field CAP-TOUCH with Key-Lock (lock) function to avoid any manipulation inadvertently
CAP-TOUCH screen for accessing the main menu of telemetry from the main menu, with ESC.
Many screens of telemetry, programming and operating functions, directly on the transmitter display
Access to the different language by freely programmable switches
4 programmable flight phases
Many programs complete for models with fixed and rotary wing (helicopters)
Limitation of the swashplate
The servo stroke adjustment for all channels, and each separately adjustable (end of course) buteee.
Sub-Trimm for the adjustment of the neutral of all servos
System Expo-/ Dual-Rate two-digit, adjustable each separately, with ability to switch from one position to another in flight.
Functions of mixes. Programmable fail-safe functions, go to position peacekeeping, or in a pre-recorded position previously.and this, adjustable for each channel separately.
Chronometers/account countdown with alarm function
Function copy for models memories

Contents of the Set:
Telemetry transmitter Graupner HoTT mx-16 with battery NiMH 2000 mAh mounted, Graupner HoTT GR-16 receiver, transmitter charger 200 my

HoTT general features:

Procedure quick and easy Binding
Function test scope and alert
Too low voltage warning
Range of operating voltage of the extremely wide receiver, 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional rest up to 2.5 V)
Failsafe, free assignment of the channels (Channel Mapping), functions of mixes, as well as many settings servos are easily programmable with the HoTT-Smartbox
For a channel expansion (max. 32 channels) ability to link an unlimited number of receiver to the transmitter
You can order up to 4 servos simultaneously with a cycle time 10 ms (only digital servos!) servo
Maximum immunity to interference with frequency modeHopping and wide frequency range
Intelligent data transmission with corrective function
Rebinding extremely fast even limit scope
Telemetriqus real-time data transmission.
More than 200 radio usable at the same time.
Confident for the future with the ability to update through a USB port
Technical characteristics

Temperature range:-15... 55 ° C
The antenna length: 120 mm
Total, approx. weight: 770 g
Frequency: 2400... 2483.5 MHz
Scope, approx.: 4000 m
Size: 190 x 175 x 115 mm
Consumption: 150 mA
Supply voltage: 3.4... 6.0 V


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