How To Make RC Joystick With Trim For Diy Radio Control Circuits

Making Joystick for diy remote control circuits.

STL Files: https://www.printables.com/model/903000-rc-joystick

In this project I used a standard potentiometer (220°). Ideal potentiometers for RC joysticks are 60° ones. But they are not easily available and they are expensive. With the standard pot, the servo travel does not reach the maximum values. But by changing the “mapJoystickValues” values in the transmitter code, sufficient movement space can be obtained.

“mapJoystickValues” values for Arduino transmitter code (for 60° pot)
(12, 524, 1020)
The values I applied for the standard potentiometer (220°)… “mapJoystickValues” values: (250, 540, 600)

Positioning of parts for 3D printer. (I do not recommend printing batches of parts.)